Products and Services

We offer a wide range of banking products and services which a large number of our population is unable to access such as:

  • Personal Accounts
  • Club Accounts
  • Investment Opportunities
  • Organizational Finance towards Community development project
  • Emergency Loan
  • Advance Loan
  • Housing Finance
  • Vehicle Finance
  • Company payroll services
  • Debt Counseling or Debt Review Services

Start your Own Business with OCN Foods (OCN Maize Meal)

OCN products are unique and realistic. OCN Maize Meal is our main food product to introduce our brand, which will later be followed by many other products in food products. The maize meal comes in 12,5kg’s. OCN Maize meal is the best quality at reasonable price to feed the nation. Only members get the opportunity to trade with our food products which are not to be sold at chain stores. Distributors are required nationally. This is the easiest way to start your own business.

Debt Counseling or Debt Review Services

We use the best service providers to assist our members with their financial problems. Debt Counseling and debt review is OCN’s main focus in services. To make sure that all our members enjoy a debt free life. Mzasi Debt Counseling is one of the best independent service providers we use. All OCN members will enjoy the benefit of debt counseling at affordable cost to them. With a clean credit record, you can buy a house, car or anything you need on credit. All you need is proof of income and a clean ITC record.

Personal Pay Card

OCN has partners within the banking sector whereby banking tools are offered to OCN to promote to members and clients. Such partnerships have influenced OCN to start a financial cooperative for its members. OCN is currently working on that project of having a financial cooperative managed by members.

For members that do not have bank accounts or don’t want to be paid in their current accounts, we use our pre-paid master cards to pay them. Diamond Cash Card. It works internationally in all ATM’s and POS. No Debit Orders or Garnishee is allowed in this card. It is safe with internet and cell phone banking. Non South Africans can also use the cash card.

OCN Fundraising for Organizations

Organization can raise funds through partnering with OCN to supply maize meal where needed. Churches, Schools, Creche’s, Stokvels, and many others that require funding projects can participate. OCN shares profit with all participants to make sure of a sustainable contribution to the community.

Our Major fund raising project is to assist Township Schools with funding for School Sports. We fix sports facilities and provide sports equipments and attire to schools willing to take part in our project. This we also do in partnership with the parents for the benefit of their children. There are over 15 000 schools in SA that require our assistance and God willing, we will be able to assist them all through the sales of maize meal. That is why we only sell through members because they understand the power of profit sharing.


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