OCN Opportunities and Benefits

OCN Program

When you join the program we give you a cash card which can be used for all commission payments and can also be used for payroll.

To generate funds, just promote OCN and its services to 3 people and assist them to promote to their 3.

Earn Big Money and Improve

OCN pays to you up to R30 000 when you promote OCN and its products to other people, societies, Stokvels and Networks

You can cycle as many times as you want. The program is where you raise funds for other business opportunities in or outside OCN

All Africans can use our Cash Card

The card cost is only R400.

That includes membership, card, admin and courier services.

The OCN Program Will:

  • Generate income for you weekly
  • Lead you to join OCN Food Business Network
  • Lead you to start your own Co-operatives
  • Assist you to raise funds for your own business
  • Lead you to be a shareholder of OCN Co-op
  • Assist other Stokvels & Co-ops with realistic products and services
  • Sponsor worthy undertakings in the community
  • Undertake CSI projects with in communities
  • Provide Tax and Banking Education to members

What you get from the OCN Program!

  • A Bank Cash Card for all commissions payment, secured with loyalty programs. No Banks payments.
  • Secured virtual back office to observe your finances and track your team performance.
  • E-Wallet to make withdrawals and transfer funds to each other. No Bank payments.
  • Get realistic discounts on our products and services.
  • Get spill overs from the office.
  • Partnership with OCN Food Distribution.
  • Shareholder of OCN Consumer Co-operative.
  • OCN Ambassador for identifying and assisting young amputees.

Many people do not have their own Houses or Cars due to bad credit record. Also because some are not employed and do not have proof of income.

OCN will provide you with a proof of income that can be used to get a loan or buy furniture on credit.

After being cleared of your debts and have a sound credit record on the card. OCN can arrange for you a House or Car finance through OCN Financial services partners. You will need to raise 20% for Deposit. The OCN Program will assist you to raise the funds you need as you keep on promoting our products and Loyalty Cash Card to others.

Bank T’s & C’s will apply, while OCN cannot influence bank decision.

OCN can only make sure that you have all the bank requirements.

At OCN we pride ourselves for creating our own Brand of Quality Maize Meal. Distributors are required around the country. We have over 20 000 points where we can put maize meal containers. We invite you to join us in this sustainable business from level 3 of the Program.

R30 000 stock guarantees you OCN Branded Container and a Client in any area of your choice.

The Program funds will assist you to start the maize business. Remember you, started by getting your card and then promoted it to 3 people.

You don’t need to spend your own money to get this far, you just need to help others to promote OCN products and services then make more commission.

You too can own a food warehouse in your community as a group or individual. It all starts from the OCN Program.

Wow! If you have come this far,
You are already winner!

You don’t need millions to be happy, but you surely do need some funds to get through life’s challenges. OCN Program will help you get there.

From our own experience, we know what is like to lose a limb and to be limited. OCN raises funds to assist young amputees to get prosthetics. You too have an opportunity to serve. No money required. By using our Cash Card you are already helping others walk again. This is your Opportunity to give back. A prosthetic cost is not less than R50 000. Use our card and maize to support a Child. Now that you know, you will start to notice that there are many amputees around you.

What will you benefit from this?
You will gain recognition from the community for your good deed. The program will also increase in numbers which automatically adds to your down lines. Grow your success by helping others.


There are many other opportunities available at Our Community Network (OCN). For us to make it we need you and you need us. We need each other. Let us join hands and work for our children.

Let us make sure that we have decent of everything we need for our families. But most of all let us put God first in all we do. We have no reason to doubt OCN program survival because we have real food products that are in demand within our communities. We have been in business since 2009 to date.

We have legal debt assistance services that are highly sort after by people in order to improve their lives. We also have partnership with Big Companies that support our strategy of wealth creation, because we share in our wealth.

We also have the OCN Co-op where people can affiliate and become shareholders. Companies and projects under the Co-op will be owned and monitored by shareholders. As listed on the Co-op page, we want the Co-op to own properties and be visible in all Provinces in South Africa.

Education and training will be provided to all committee leaders of the Co-op to be able to lead the Co-op when it will be their turn to lead. A Co-op does not belong to one person or the founders, but belongs to all shareholders and the all benefit the same.

Be one of us and Join OCN Many doors will open for You Like it did for us!


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