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Our Community Network is a black owned private company which is engaged in supply of products and services through Multi-Level Marketing (MLM) also known as referral marketing to different communities and organizations. We are a business to business products and service provider company that has a range of product trades that include; funding, banking products, insurance products, our own branded food commodities and funding to name a few. All these promoted through MLM.

The enterprise was initiated by Mr. Sipho Lawrence Nkabinde supported by his blessed and gifted partner Ms. Kgothatso Seheri in 2009 and registered in 2012 as a private legal company.

Both partners have intense knowledge of community setups, thus understand needs of services and products required by communities. Both are fully involved in community empowerment projects, which include a national community stokvel and a national financial cooperative.

Recently OCN has secured an agreement contracts with various companies whereby it promotes bank prepaid master cards which are (Debit Master Cards) through which OCN supplies an array of services and products using MLM while the cards being the one tool used to facilitate payments and funds.

Such an encounter has elevated other opportunities that exist beyond OCN becoming not just MLM Company, but a solution to funding, business development, unemployment, poverty alleviation and human welfare programs that include and not limited to; informal settlements, ex-offenders, political veterans, education, social development etc.

Our participation within the community whilst associating with smaller organizations like; Undertakers, Societies, Stokvels, Schools and Communities at large, led us to reckon that, within our services we can also distribute other products and services to our clients and their members. Such privilege will add value to our services and create effective communication channel with our clients while earning at the same time. With additional funds in the company, it will be much easier to participate and contribute to our client's needs and the communities without having to undertake fund raising exercises.

  • Objectives

    The objective of our business is basically to create opportunities in the banking industry for historically disadvantaged individuals. This generally includes members of our partnerships, and employees to create employment in order to alleviate poverty thus achieving a sustainable, profitable and successful institution.

    Furthermore, we would like to invest in our communities. We believe that a sound relationship with the community at large and our customers will develop a strong sustainable community, which will uphold our social development and business fiber.

    It is also our belief that a successful company is the one that invest in its people through knowledge and skills transfer, employment equity and empowerment through the value of supply chain.

  • About Our Clients and Business Partners

    It is our belief that today's workers are more like free agents, owners of invests able capital. The capital is the ability, behavior, effort and time they contribute to the company. Like any other investor, they deserve a healthy return on their investment.

    For this reason, we like to conduct business and get into partnerships with organizations that value their human capital to the extent that they make effort to train and develop their people.

  • Business Approach

    Our Community Network seeks to offer exceptional and precise services to our communities and clients. Our experience has shown that our community groups do not identify with the value of consistency and how such an understanding can add value into improving their lives.

    Our endeavor is to educate and channel communities into using one network with multi services and products, while creating benefits for them at the same time. Such benefits will not only be monetary but more of projects that will initiate life improving opportunities. Such opportunities will generate even more awareness of the value of unity.

    We undertake to give proper service that is within reach to our communities at fair and competitive prices while exercising profit sharing at the same time.

    We recognize that in order to have a sustainable business, we need to form strong bonds with our members, customers, suppliers, employees, communities and all people involved in our business of MLM. However this will in turn build an enduring, and loyal relationship with our customers and create value for all our partners and employees.

    We hold the view that proper and efficient delivery is the key to success, and as such we do not compromise that principle and we place service and product quality as a critical factor in any venture that we undertake.

  • Risk Management

    All processes and stages that define our business will be measured to establish the magnitude of the risk along the type of business that is being undertaken. Details of how duties are scheduled and managed are in place and all natural, operational, financial and contractual risks are brought within the scope of risk identification, quantification, response and control.

    We will always ensure that strategies for risk management are always in place to eliminate possible risks that may occur.

  • Growth, Support and Empowerment Policy

    As a responsible Multi-Level Marketing venture, Our Community Network does not only have an obligation to realize the maximum returns it wishes to have from its stakeholders it also have a duty to make a positive contribution towards the country socio-economic development.

    This policy statement is a gesture of appreciation towards the organizations and members such as yours, for the role you play in the development of black business and human welfare.

    Our Community Network understands the business environment, the social and economic aspirations of our country. With this background we are in an exceptionally good position to implement the empowerment policies in such a way that they develop historically disadvantaged communities of South Africa.

    However, it should be noted that our policy is not racial and does not follow any religious or ethnic lines, but tries to objectively address issues of imbalances in so far as the distribution of wealth is concerned. Our empowerment policy is sensitive to the plight of women as well, thus we embrace employment equity and all that it stands for.

  • Our Products, Services and Partners


    There are two kinds of funding that we provide

    • Bank loans from min 10 million to existing companies that wants to expand their business
    • Non repayment fund which we assist small business and organizations to expand. Since such fund will not be repaid, we request the applicant to participate on our projects which will create the derived funds prior to allocating such funds.
  • Company Subsidiaries

    OCN Energy


    As we enter a period of unprecedented innovation and experimentation in the provision of the transport fuel, it is an exciting time to be in the fuel business.

    We are seeing an increasing range of fuel options including, advanced gasoline and diesel, biofuels such as ethanol, and synthetic fuels including gas to liquids and biomass to liquids. Technology will play key roles in the further development of these fuels.

    Equally important is the marketing of newer fuels and ensuring that the technique used in the marketing of existing fuels are repeated to future fuels. While no one can predict the precise make up of future fuels mix, it is clear that there will be many new opportunities ahead of all fuel producers to provide clean, efficient and cost effective products to customers across the world.

    Business Description

    OCN Energy is a wholly-owned subsidiary of Our Community Network. This organization is committed to contribute their core competencies in supplying clean fuel to the public.

    Currently OCN Energy is focused on fuel resale. Our aim is to grow into leaders in the petroleum industry.

    The filling stations will be thriving businesses of a gas stations and 24 hour trading convenient stores.

    The long term vision of the company is to sell diesel, ethanol, petrol and synthetic fuels. Though derived from biological sources, it is a processed fuel that can be readily used in diesel engine vehicles

    OCN Foods

    In partnership with SA Cluster farmers OCN has secures a long term relationship in food commodity supplies. Successfully we have completed our first brand of maize meal named SEKWANELE SUPER MAIZE MEAL. The brand is shared by three institutions which include OCN, SCT and the ex-offenders NPO.

    We have a vision to brand our own food which will feed SA at large while promoting human welfare and serving the purpose for which we are meant for, to create wealth within communities.


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